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2016 Team: L to R -- Jess (intern), Kimberly (assist. dir), Kashif (intern), Anne-Sophie (intern)
2016 Team: L to R — Jess (intern), Kimberly (assist. dir), Kashif (intern), Anne-Sophie (intern)

Bududa Learning Center is an on-the-ground project in Uganda that deals with rural farmers, young adults, students, and children in skills development, microfinance, and education programs. Our volunteers are bright, enthusiastic, and willing to learn a great deal. When thinking about a volunteer position with us, consider the following:

1. Are you willing to go on an adventure?

2. Do you enjoy meeting people from other cultures?

3. Do you have an interest in international social justice issues?

4. Do you take new challenges as an opportunity to learn about yourself?

If you have said yes to these questions, you may wish to apply as a volunteer with us. We offer volunteer opportunities on a rolling basis. These are the areas we have the most need for.

Social work / counselling volunteer – Reaching out to impoverished youth who come from challenging family situations

Health awareness volunteer – Educating students about prevention against infectious diseases, communicable diseases, and proper use of water/sanitation

International development volunteer – Monitoring of programs, evaluation of successes/failures, and participating in field work

We also offer an academic internship through our ongoing partnership with McGill University, an academic institution based in Montreal, Canada. If you’d like to be a volunteer or apply for an internship , please CONTACT US.

We would love to hear from you!