Associate Teacher - Basket Weaving

Jane has been working on the Children of Bududa project as a long-time teacher of primary-age students. She has a history of teaching in the Bududa district for many primary schools. In 2016 she led the new art focus as a teacher for basket weaving: "Basket weaving is an activity that was introduced to the Children of Bududa to help children develop skills that can help them in time. My goals for this year are that all children will acquire/achieve skills and it trains these children to learn."

Jane would like to help train students in making garments. "I want to sensitive them to utilize local materials and looking for markets when considering the sale of these products."

How does Jane feel about the influence of Bududa Learning Center and her career with us over the years? "It has made me interact with many people around the world.  It has made me earn a living through a wage every Saturday that I use to buy food for my family. At times I receive some books, body oil, and soap for my children. Loan assistance is also given in case of school fee demands I may have within my family." In her spare time, Jane cultivates her field/compound also known as 'digging.' She also looks after her children, cooking, and regular domestic work. She is most proud of her position as a community leader and the ways in which she is using her skill sets to influence other community members: "I sensitize a group of women as I happen to be a leader in the village. I acquire the skills like making baskets, tablecloths which help others grow in my community."

Division: Children of Bududa