Nursery Education - Early Childhood Development Teacher

"Early childhood development trains students how to handle children and take good care of them for their holistic growth and development. In this year, I hope that we acquire a nursery demonstration school or crêche, which can help the department to equip students with field skills." Dauphine said of her work with us. As a teacher in early childhood development, she brings her many years of experience in education. Dauphine also works part-time in her hometown, just an hour outside the town of Bududa, serving as a manager. Her expertise is highly regarded: "This year my goals are to equip students to pass external examinations and produce highly qualified teachers who can represent the academy." Dauphine would like to set up a community-based school to help young children in Bududa near her place of residence. She would like to organize the community for group discussions on national and regional issues. "I am very happy to be part of this team because of good relationships between staff members. BVA has very attractive buildings that make me proud and also because of the salary I earn. Although it is a small salary since I work part-time, I can survive and take care of my family. I would like to cultivate more training on a larger scale from the current operations of Bududa Vocational Academy." Since Dauphine is so motivated to help grow Bududa Learning Center, she continues to be a great asset as one of our teachers. We are glad to have her on board! Division: Bududa Vocational Academy