Tailoring - Associate Teacher

Stephen is a teacher who works directly with Anna Apio, the head of the department, on accepting contract awards and teaching students in craft, junior and skills coursework. His goals this year are:

  • To produce successful and hard-working tailors for better representation of Bududa Vocational Academy
  • Construction of garments and income generation
  • Future engagement for past students into the garment and design workshop
Stephen would like to advise the community to acquire skills for jobs. “I would like to engage myself in promoting BVA by informing the community on the importance of having technicians - to become job-creators instead of speakers. I would like to make plans for the future so Bududa may have successful, trained students. I’d advise [individuals] to set up a company which will help the community and make contracts after completing school."

Stephen believes that BVA has been very instructive as a guide to the community for future opportunities: "Bududa Vocational Academy has helped many students to achieve skills, which has enabled them to get jobs even outside Uganda. BVA has helped us get jobs for training students and in doing so students are passing very well." Outside the office, he often takes one-off jobs making clothes, however it is challenging to take an extraordinary amount of work as a full-time teacher. Stephen has been selected as the 2017 recipient of funded post-grad studies at BVA and is currently pursuing further education so he can advance his career as an instructor.

Division: Bududa Vocational Academy