Associate Cook - Kitchen

Robin works for Bududa Vocational Academy as an assistant cook, working with Peter Makuma during the daytime hours of the kitchen on weekdays. "I am a cook for the vocational academy and my goals are: to serve the food on time, maintain cleanliness around the kitchen, and to continue having good relationships with the staff and students at large." she told us. Robinah also believes helping young women by teaching them skills is essential. She assists girls by instructing them how to do domestic work like cooking and taking care of family. Robinah “would like to do counsel and guide girl students in the future.”
As a long-time employee of Bududa Learning Center Robinah also opens her home to visiting international volunteers and special guests: "Being part of the BLC team makes me feel important as I take part of the greater organization. The visitors who see my home are often educated and it makes me feel/proud because we can have nice conversations. Barbara is the center of my joy with her continued support to my family." In her spare time Robinah goes to her garden and digs in the evenings after work. "I would like to learn how to sew clothes if there is an opportunity so I can become a multi-purpose person. I would like to set up a canteen in the school if permitted and supported." Her words shows us her continued ambitions to improve and achieve as an individual and part of a bigger team.

Division: Bududa Vocational Academy