Accounting - Bursar

Paul has been the accountant/bursar operating out of Bududa for many years. He works with all three of our major projects.  A humble, kind man, Paul is simply a joy to work with and highly detailed as well as efficient in his work with Bududa Learning Center. When discussing his work, Paul tells us about his hopes for 2017: "In the Accounting department we deal with all financial matters of the BLC. These include preparation of annual quarterly financial reports, preparation of budgets in liaison with all other departments. I hope to generate annual quarterly reports, provide information and count documents for our external auditor for the 2015-2016 audits." Paul works closely with the Executive Director, Assistant Director of Bududa Learning Center and Robert Kotaki, the Principal at Bududa Vocational Academy. His knowledge and attention to detail are crucial for our work.

In his free time, he's interested in training others on simple finance tips: "I can teach the staff how to keep records for their personal businesses, which can help them perform better." Paul also talks about the donors of Bududa Learning Center and the ways the organization is growing, "Because of dedicated and committed funding during their work. I am proud of the self-motivated staff of BLC. I would like to acquire more knowledge in accounts and finances through reading books in that discipline." In his spare time, he studies Quickbooks and lives with his wife one hour outside of Mbale, just three hours from the Bududa Learning Center.

Division: Bududa Learning Center