Education - Director of Studies

Bududa Vocational Academy is a technical school, running six vocational departments. George heads the administration of all faculty members at the school and is a long-standing member of the team at Bududa Learning Center. “I make liaisons with the academic principal and all the teachers," George stated of his work. "As the BVA director of studies, I guide the administration on educational programs and make learning and teaching timetables that the teachers follow from Monday to Friday. I also advise the administration on which program can be introduced depending on demand."

George enjoys being involved in education at an old age and he enjoys teaching at Bududa Vocational Academy when he has the opportunity. He owns a farm that produces coffee beans and enjoys agriculture; his leisure time is spent reading newspapers. George suggests that Bududa Learning Centre improve faculty enrollment in higher learning, maintain job security for faculty members and increase student enrollment at BVA. He hopes to achieve this with the rest of the staff in the coming years.

George's all-important role is to manage the teachers at Bududa Vocational Academy and he has the following 2017 goals:

  • To employ professional and well-trained teachers & instructors
  • To enlarge the current library for teachers & students

  • Division: Bududa Vocational Academy