Associate Teacher - Basket Weaving & Nursery Education

Florence Kibone has been working with Bududa Learning Center for many years. She was promoted in 2015 to work as an associate teacher in the nursery education department. Previously she managed the girls' hostel on our campus as the lead matron, which she continues to do today. She also is in the basket weaving department as a teacher for the Children of Bududa project. "Basket Weaving is a hands-on skill course. My 2017 goals are: make beautiful baskets, sell these items in the marketplace, and ensure all learners know how to make them."

Florence is currently teaching the students basket weaving skills so they can create jobs for themselves when they become adults in the future. She spoke of how she feels about the help children receive: "Their school fees, books, and uniforms are paid, so they have a bright future! I would like to do basket weaving after work because I continually enjoy making these baskets; I also clean my compound when I'm not at work." Florence continues to be an inspiration to the children with her smile and great attitude.

Division: Children of Bududa, Bududa Vocational Academy