Associate Cook - Kitchen

Loyce is an assistant cook, working on weekday evenings to feed the students who live on-site at the Bududa Learning Center campus and for younger Children of Bududa students: "I cook food for females in the hostel and also on Saturdays with the Children of Bududa project. My goals for this year: strengthening the friendship with students and staff, achieving a better saucepan, and getting a manager in charge of the kitchen whom we can report to in case of any issues that must be raised." Loyce has a contagious amount of laughter and is always ready to tell the staff a good joke first thing on her shift. She is well-known for her friendly, cheerful personality and joy.

"I hope to be part of a team who recommends and advises the community to bring students to join the Bududa Vocational Academy in future." Are you proud of this team? "Yes – The salary I earn is really helpful and in case of any emergencies at home, I always speak to the Bududa Learning Center office and it helps. Paying school fees and uniforms is a great thing. Generally taking care of my family and others is important to me. Since there has been great development for BLC, I was so happy to see the helicopter for the first time in my life. I traveled for the first time to Masidi as well because of my work with Children of Bududa." Certainly Loyce will be working with us for years to come with her sparkling personality and joyous attitude. She works on her field 'digging' and raising cows, fetches water, and cooks for her family when out of the Bududa Learning Center kitchen.

Division: Children of Bududa