Guesthouse Manager

My department is a guesthouse manager in konokoyi guesthouse found in konokoyi village, Bukimuma parish, Bududa sub-county in Bududa District. And the department is under Bududa Learning Centre. My work is to do the working, cleaning the guesthouse, washing laundry and dishes, making beds and setting a table every meal.

I also supervise the guesthouse garden and properties, making porridge for Agriculture class from children of Bududa on every Saturday.

Goals I hope to complish this year is to be communicating with visitors who will be planning to come this year through email. And I hope to have more visitors in the guesthouse this year. After completing my computer course, I would like to have my own laptop to use.

Other ways I like to participate is to have my own bookshop and photocopying machine to be handing after guesthouse work during daytime.

I am proud of Bududa Vocational Academy because it has offered me free knowledge in computer course. And employed me to work in the guesthouse.

From my official duty, I do my domestic work.

Division:Bududa Learning Center