Head Teacher - Computer Application

Isaac is the head of Computer Application at Bududa Vocational Academy. Students attend computer courses in order to learn Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications. Other BVA departments also attend courses to apply training to Craft, Junior, and theoretical coursework in Carpentry/joinery, construction, tailoring, and nursery education. “I want to see my students excel this year,” Namisi asserted. He also stated that it would be important to receive more local community members as students in the department. Isaac would like to be part of an outreach to the community with a library, computer services and ICT offerings. He asserts that he’d be proud to see this happen in 2017.

Isaac is proud of Bududa as a district; he’s delighted to be part of the Bududa Learning Center team working ‘on the ground.’ A number of people do not get to serve but he is happy that he can be part of team with new personnel and innovative ideas. “I’m a selfless person and I want to be part of this team helping the community. Also – sustainability – I’m glad that I can provide support for my family."

Division: Bududa Vocational Academy