Program Director, Children of Bududa

Grace has over 15 years of teaching experience and this informs her work directing the youth development program at Bududa Learning Center. "Children of Bududa is a project that supports the orphans and needy children in our community. Paying school fees, lunch fees, remedial fees, tests, and teachers’ welfare [are just some of the things we do]…By the end of the year, three-fourths of the children will have acquired the skills fully and we will have visited each and every child in the program to assess the home situation, report to sponsors and other administrators," Grace stated.

Grace hopes to take more of an active role in guidance and counseling of parents in 2017 in 'our community' to realize the need of educating children. She wants to support children at school, especially girls, to avoid school drop-out rates. She also has aspirations to create a health group that can sensitize the community about diseases such as AIDS and cholera. "I am very proud of BLC, especially my department. The reason is that my program restores hope for vulnerable children. I am proud of supervising the teachers who are teaching skills to our children and children getting counseling too. I am proud of the teamwork spirit…        I [also] like associating with my community members after school. We also are part of women’s financial savings groups. This helps the community and I do come together to help other people in solving domestic problems." Thanks for the service you are doing for our children, Grace.

Division: Children of Bududa