Head Teacher - Carpentry and Joinery

Godfrey is a kind and gentle instructor with many years of experience in his field. As the head teacher of the carpentry and joinery department, he brings a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge. "As an instructor in the department and the head of carpentry, my 2017 goals are to make sure the syllabus is accomplished, the impact of both knowledge and skills to the trainees are received and these skills are applied to the craft." Godfrey would like to focus on agriculture in his time out of the office, such as, poultry keeping and looking after goats. At the moment he enjoys his job tremendously but also likes being at home taking care of his animals.

Having secured a job in Bududa Vocational Academy, I am assured of getting a salary at the every end of the month which allows me to take care of my children's education and the family." Godfrey also wishes to pursue business like selling products for Bududa and Mbale markets in the future.

Division: Bududa Vocational Academy