Coordinator, Bududa Women's Development & Secretary

Betty is the coordinator of the Bududa Womens' Development (BWD) group, which is in partnership with the international organization, Women's Microfinance Intitiative. She is also the secretary for the Bududa Vocational Academy and has been working with us since 2010. She has 25 years of experience working at a local secondary school.

As the coordinator of the development group, Betty trains women how to start businesses, accept loans, and pay loans in installments. "This year I hope to recover all loans from women and make the filing system better," she says.

Betty's late husband was an electrical engineer with whom she had seven children. She dedicates much of her time to her local church as a Bible study leader and participates in church construction. Often she will house underprivileged children in her home when they need accommodation. She spends her leisure time visiting relatives and maintaining her home.

Division: Women's Microfinance; Bududa Vocational Academy