Head Teacher - Tailoring

Anna has been working with Bududa Learning Center since 2003. After many years as a teacher, she is now the head instructor for tailoring and garment production. Anna is one of only two staff members who have been working with our organization since the beginning and we are grateful to have her on board. Bududa Learning Center also has a tailoring workshop that accepts textile contracts for making corporate and school uniforms locally. Anna is the manager for all textile contracts for the garment production process.

Anna hopes to help students who will sit external exams as she continues to teach. She will continue to encourage students to pass exams so it will empower them to have jobs. Her desire for the years to come? She would like to introduce additional courses as short programs for community members in evening and weekend courses. “I’d like to join door-to-door campaigns on how we can help the elderly acquire skills,” she told us. When she's not making clothes for BLC, she listens to local radio programs and runs a small business.

Division: Bududa Vocational Academy