Reflections on an internship

Having traveled quite a bit I knew that returning home after the experience I had, would not be easy. Leaving a community of loving, intelligent and inspiring people would make anyone feel uneasy about returning home. Although I was very happy to see my family and friends I found it difficult to adjust back to life in Montreal. I started to acknowledge things I once took for granted and loath that people continued to take these things for granted. I spent my first week outside in parks, natural environments, and even in the garden outside my home. Anything to be outside. But it was not the same.

I definitely miss the walks, or should I say the boda rides to the Children of Bududa center, spending time with our neighbors, visiting children’s homes, teaching the students creative writing, watching them express themselves as story-tellers, eating jackfruit, working for a rural NGO, learning from the students and staff members and living within a rural environment. Many would think that perhaps working in a rural organization would be isolating but luckily I had two other interns to share that experience with as well as other staff members who were there to support us throughout our experience.

The three months flew by but the impact the experience had on me will last a lifetime. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for welcoming me into their community, their homes and their hearts. I look forward to hearing what is next for the Children of Bududa Program.

International Development intern (2016)