Children of Bududa

Children of Bududa is a sponsorship program providing vital support for approximately 115 of the community’s orphans and vulnerable youth. Please click here to sponsor a child.

The Challenges

Many children in the Bududa region have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Orphaned children are often neglected unless a grandmother, older sibling, or distant relative can step in to care for them. Some children, left abandoned, have nowhere to turn. Other children live with extremely impoverished parents, competing with multiple siblings for shelter and scraps of food.

The Program

Children of Bududa provides these children with the resources and skills necessary to improve their chance for success in life. Every week most of these children and adolescents walk to Bududa Learning Center to attend the Saturday program. We provide each child with a uniform, school supplies, and two meals, porridge in the morning and beans and rice at lunchtime. The program teaches some academics but mostly we are teaching skills. We also teach sports, and creative activities such as music, dance and art. Teachers and students have access to a growing library of donated books.

The program also tries to meet children’s basic everyday needs. In addition to two meals a week, we supply clothing, soap, toothbrushes, and petroleum jelly for skin care. A medical assistant visits the site to care for the children’s medical needs. In extreme cases, hospitalization and surgical care are sometimes available. We also provide counselling and home visits by our social worker.


Case Management

We conduct home visits biannually for all of our children. We provide attentive care to their family situation, conduct qualitative research, and document our findings in order to better our programming. Children are taken to counselling, when necessary, and given one-on-one case management.

Medical care is provided in Bududa and in Mbale with financial assistance through the program. We do everything to ensure that our life skills department educates the children and their families on prevention of malaria, typhoid, HIV, and other major at-risk diseases. Parents or guardians are brought in biannually for discussions about these diseases and prevention for their families.

Please click here to sponsor a child.