Bududa Vocational Academy

Bududa Vocational Academy is a full-time secondary academy offering programs in the following technical skills and trades:

  • Tailoring and sewing
  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Brick laying/concrete practice
  • Nursery education/early childhood development
  • Hair dressing
  • Computer Science
Students in our tailoring and sewing classroom use sewing machines powered by foot treadle because electricity is scarce, expensive, and often unreliable in Bududa.

Each program is a two- to three-year accreditation program and offers instruction in English. The academy gives young adults the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty and be gainfully employed or begin their own local businesses. Merit scholarships are offered for students who show particular promise. Bududa Learning Center also supports young girls with scholarships for traditionally male-only disciplines such as carpentry.

Our brick laying/concrete practice department makes superb mud bricks that we used to construct the buildings on our campus and that we continue to sell to local construction companies for their projects.

Our academy is the only vocational school in the Bududa District of Uganda. We are licensed as an educational institution in Uganda and will attain full academic accreditation in 2017. External examinations are held annually.

We dedicated our two major classroom buildings in 2015, both constructed of mud bricks (covered with stucco) made and laid by our brick laying/concrete practice students. The roofs are high-quality metal generously provided by Uganda Baati, a unit of the largest steel roofing conglomerate in Africa.

Our student body consists of 120 young adults in classrooms in our new, permanent structures that can accommodate up to 250 students, giving us the opportunity to increase our enrollment substantially. Our facilities also include a residential dormitory for students who live too far away to go home at night. All of our facilities have been constructed with funds generously donated by individuals and small foundations in the US, the UK, and Canada. Our masonry and carpentry students provided much of the labor for construction of our campus buildings including the masonry foundations and walls and the furniture.