International Coordinator, Children of Bududa

Sheila has been involved with Bududa Learning Center since 2005. She has been fundraising for Children of Bududa, Bududa Vocational Academy and the WMI group for 11 years. Her work as International Coordinator began in 2014 when she took over the academic support and donor management for Children of Bududa. Sheila has a Bachelors degree (Honors) from the University of Sussex, UK at the School of African and Asian Studies. She has over 15 years of professional communications experience writing English translations from the French language. She continues to work from Ontario and visits Uganda once a year to oversee Children of Bududa activities. Sheila practices a simple lifestyle by producing organic vegetables in her home garden and uses the profits in her fundraising efforts. She writes creatively and some of her work can be read in our blog archives. Division: Bududa Canada Foundation