George Trask

Bududa America Foundation

George Trask began his involvement with Bududa in early 2012 when he first went to Uganda to visit Barbara Wybar. A lawyer, he immediately saw the need for her efforts to be protected through a well-formed legal structure. He assisted in setting up Bududa Canada Foundation, getting it registered to do business in Uganda, and obtaining a long-term lease for the new Bududa Learning Center campus in Bududa village. Since then George has played a behind-the-scenes role in improving our fund-raising efforts through this website and platforms for online giving. In 2017 he helped form Bududa America Foundation and is assisting to obtain the necessary exemption for U.S. donors to make tax-deductible gifts. A graduate of Davidson College and Harvard Law School, George began his career as a tax lawyer in a large Atlanta law firm. He has been engaged for more than 50 years in entrepreneurial businesses enterprises.