Run the race and finish strong

It has been a whirlwind few months of work with Bududa Canada Foundation. Since starting grant proposals with Ms. Bongard and Ms. Wybar I’ve learned a lot about the objectives and mission of the Bududa Learning Center. It is far from simple.

After pulling together a school-wide sports tournament and learning how each of our three projects is run, I’m so happy that I was involved. Perhaps I’m most proud of seeing how the team has responded to difficulties. And there are so many. The Construction for Change (CfC) project team is almost finished constructing the solar pavilion and buildings for Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children. They invited our staff to see the foundations put together and just over three months later it is nearing completion. The party was very memorable – they barbecued two goats which is a serious achievement and which signifies it was a REAL celebration!

James Jacob, Coordinator of Bududa Learning Center, has been working closely with Kotaki Robert, BVA principal, to supply all the materials needed for this NGO partnership. All deadlines have been met swiftly. When there have been challenges, Robert and James have worked with the CfC project management team to complete the medical clinic. It is wonderful to see everything finally coming together.

Next year Bududa Canada Foundation has asked me to come on board full-time to work with Barbara Wybar and James to fulfil 2016 objectives for partnerships. It’s quite exciting. As I head to Kampala en route for the Christmas holiday, I’m delighted to be working more with this organization and be part of our crowd-funding and grant efforts.

As I said, the mission here is far from simple. It is because the poverty issues in rural Uganda are rife with limitations – family planning challenges, limited opportunities for farmers, educational boundaries for young girls, crop failures, and climate change to name a few. Bududa Learning Center is confronting these difficulties with new solutions. We certainly don’t think it will be easy. I’m happy to know we will be rising to the challenge with optimism despite all. And hopefully making friends along the way!

Submitted by: KIMBERLY BEEBE
Grants & Development Officer